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Epsopass is an online training center focusing on preparation for the preselection exams organized by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO). We have selected the best professionals to develop our database to offer you the best practising experience. Our vision is to give the candidates the possibility to develop their skills and succeed at the EPSO exams.

Accurate Information

We keep our database always updated and accurate. Find all open competitions and apply for your dream job before the deadlines.

Professional training

We have carefully design our platform in order to give you in-depth training and an absolute simulation of the EPSO exam.

Outstanding support

Epsopass stands by you offering you outstanding support.

News Room

Our newsroom additionally keeps you updated with all the recent EU jobs news.

So take advantage of the professional training
and successful results only offered by Epsopass!

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Disclaimer: This website (and the owner Company) are unrelated and independent from EPSO and the European Union Institutions.
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